VC Rules

vc rules


  • 1-1 – Racial slurs that are discriminatory towards members of a specific ethnicity or racial status, are strictly prohibited.


  • 1-2 – The n-word with soft a and hard r, are strictly prohibited.


  • 1-3 – Stereotypes and or comments that are intended to degrade and or make fun of a specific ethnicity, are strictly prohibited.

vc rules

Prejudice and Politics

  • 2-1 – Harassing or berating server members solely because of their gender identity or sexual orientation, is strictly prohibited.


  • 2-2 – Harassing or berating server members solely because of their religious ideology and or affiliation, is strictly prohibited.


  • 2-3 – The discussion of religious topics and politics is strictly forbidden.


  • 2-4 – Inciting arguments or participating in controversial points of discussion with the intent to frustrate or trigger others is strictly forbidden.


  • 2-5 – Historical references in politics and world events with a controversial background are strictly prohibited. These include profile pictures, biographies, and topics that can be brought up in a voice channel.


  • 2-6 – Extremism and forms of racial supremacy are strictly forbidden.


  • 2-7 – Harassing or berating server members in regards to a physical and or psychological disability, is strictly forbidden.

vc rules

NSFW Content

  • 3-1 – Discussions or references involving porn, hentai, and other lewd topics, are strictly forbidden.


  • 3-2 – Discussions or references regarding genitalia are strictly prohibited.


  • 3-3 – The topic of gore and extreme physical violence, is strictly prohibited.


  • 3-4 – The topic and or mention of genre specific “fetishes”, is strictly prohibited.


  • 3-5 – Discussions about sex are strictly prohibited.


  • 3-6 – The topic of self-harm and suicide is strictly prohibited.


  • 3-7 – Discussions or references regarding abusable substances and drugs, is strictly prohibited.


  • 3-8-a – These abusable substances also include adult beverages and tobacco products.


  • 3-8 – Discussion of weapons is strictly prohibited.

vc rules

Trolling and Toxicity

  • 4-1 – Entering the voice chat with the intent to cause a disruption, is strictly forbidden.


  • 4-2 – Instigating trollous arguments, is strictly forbidden.


  • 4-3 – Toxicity and “packing” are strictly forbidden.


  • 4-4 – Making degrading and or back-handed comments with the intent to upset a server member, is strictly prohibited.


  • 4-5 – Following a member with the intent to troll or harass them, is strictly forbidden.


  • 4-6 – Disrespecting members of staff, or disregarding the feelings of server members, is strictly forbidden.

vc rules

Microphone Etiquette

  • 5-1 – Screaming and or yelling into your microphone is strictly prohibited.


  • 5-2 – Using a voice changer and or emulator to change the pitch, volume, depth, reverberation, and or frequency of your voice, is strictly prohibited.


  • 5-3 – Playing music or clips through your microphone is strictly prohibited.


  • 5-4 – Soundboards are strictly forbidden.


  • 5-5 – Using your microphone to specifically hurt the ears of voice channel participants is strictly prohibited.

vc rules

Sexual Harassment

  • 6-1 – Making sexual comments towards a server member is strictly forbidden.


  • 6-2 – Asking for and or soliciting NSFW content is strictly forbidden.


  • 6-3 – Continuously pressuring and inciting uncomfortable points of discussion with a server member with a sexual intent, is strictly forbidden.

vc rules


  • 7-1 – Server members may not actively promote, recruit, and encourage members to follow or watch their social media and discord server.


  • 7-2 – Offering compensation to members to join and or follow a social media and or discord server, is strictly prohibited.

vc rules

Doxing / Malicious Content

  • 8-1 – Threatening to expose the personal information of a server member, is strictly prohibited.


  • 8-2 – Making an attempt to gain the personal information of a server member without direct consent, is strictly forbidden.


  • 8-3 – The promotion or discussion of malicious content that promotes: Doxing, Hacking, Jailbreaking and other forms of illegal cyber activity, is strictly prohibited.


  • 8-4 – Exposing any personal information is strictly prohibited.


  • 8-5 – Recording voice chats is strictly prohibited.

vc rules


  • 9-1 – Server members must speak English, other languages are not acceptable.


  • 9-2 – Using a language to harass or disrupt a voice chat, is strictly prohibited.

vc rules

Streaming and Cameras

  • 10-1 – All content being streamed in a voice channel must be SFW (Safe for Work), and must not violate any voice channel rules.


  • 10-2 – Movies and television shows that are NSFW in nature are prohibited.


  • 10-3 – The use of prohibited substances stated in §3-8 are strictly prohibited from being shown on camera.


  • 10-4 – The display of weapons including knives, swords, guns, and other weapons that are used to inflict harm on camera or stream, is strictly prohibited.


  • 10-5 – The display of weapons and or violence in video games is allowed, but is prohibited in the event that a staff member determines that gameplay is too gruesome or violent in nature.


  • 10-6 – The display of abusable substances in streamed video games is strictly forbidden.

vc rules

No Exceptions

  • 11-1 – There are no exceptions in the rules for any server or staff member.


  • 11-2 – This includes server members who have physical and behavioral disabilities that may impact their ability to adhere to our server rules.